Dragon Bridge International Trade Corporation
Dragon Bridge International Trade Corporation

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Between EU & Africa 

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Welcome to Dragon Bridge International Trade Corporation

DBITC specializes in international trade services and commerce - including distribution, import and export of agriculture fertilizers & machinery, food & beverage, chemicals, electronics, instrumentation, drilling and mining equipment, and the distribution of pharmaceuticals & surgical tools. We also provide a comprehensive range of services including Solution-Oriented Business Consulting, and advisory services to clients seeking entry into new markets such as Africa, Asia, EU, and the Americas

At DBITC we employ a 3D risk assessment strategic approach to any project we undertake. Therefore we spend significant amount of time in research and planning mode, before moving to execution and commissioning of the project. It is during this process that we evaluate the depth, breadth, and resilience of operational risk, strategic risk, and contextual risk, taking into account the contractual duration of the project. We pride ourselves in creating synergy through partnership and lowering clients' operating costs while increasing their business efficiency and returns.

Dragon Bridge International Trade Corporation is your global partner in business and trade.

You can think of us as your local - global partner who engages in research and does the leg work for you, reaching far places to meet your needs while you stay local and save on operating costs.